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Angel Grace
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About Angel Grace

I am a singer/songwriter from Wiltshire in the UK. In 2011 I joined a rock band “Devour” singing and writing for them, produced songs “Black Ink” and “Law of Attraction. At the time I was not aware that the songs I wrote were bardic until a friend invited me camping in a teepee in Avebury for a birthday party. I made some good friends who are Druids, Wicca, Shaman and Pagan who regularly attended the Gorsedd of Caer Abiri in Avebury. I brought my guitar to Avebury open mics and met Cliff Carr who was Bard of Avebury at the time. My music and songs were enjoyed by group at Avebury and I was invited to perform one of my songs “Feast of Souls” for the Samhain Festival in Avebury. Previous Avebury Bards encouraged me to challenge to be come the next Bard of Avebury and in 2014 I was named the Bard of Avebury after winning the challenge with my song“Donate Ya To Nature”.

I want to create music that sounds unique and enchanting including songs about myths and legends of the past as well as modern day political, social and environmental issues. The future of our earth is important. Singing about each season and festivals celebrated by Druids, Pagans and folk alike. Some of my influences include 70s Rock music such as Led Zeppelin, Black Sabbath, Deep Purple and 80s Soft Rock like White Snake. I bought a guitar with the first wages I ever earned at 17 years old. Played guitar on and off and now more so. I have played live on a number of occasions both as a solo artist and as part of a band and have supported bands as well as being the headlining act .

Aside from music I have a number interests including philosophy, camping with the Avebury Canvas Kids, we make amateur spoof films which aim to bring people together with laughter, I like BBQ food, Socialising, Going on protests, Being part of a group to make changes to improve quality of life and try to be environmentally aware. I also enjoy plants including growing plants for food and building structures from living willow.